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Our communities in Chippewa County offer a different experience for every visitor. Whether you are a history buff hoping to dive into the past, or a foodie looking for the best prime rib, there is something for everyone. What makes Chippewa County unique is that each of the communities are unique. Every stop bringing in new sights, sounds, and experiences. You can go from diving into Lake Wissota to shopping in downtown Bloomer to walking the Ice Age Trail. There are new adventures around every turn, and each one will be something new and exciting!

One of the best parts about Chippewa County is that the furthest drive from one community to another is just 40 minutes. This means you can explore all corners of the county during your stay without spending all your time on the road. No matter the season, there are adventures waiting for you in Chippewa County.

It’s time to experience the small town hospitality that will make you feel right at home!

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